Lupus alpha Global Convertible Bonds C hedged


ISIN: LU1535992389

Lupus alpha Global Convertible Bonds offers investors access to an actively managed diversified portfolio of global convertible bonds. The Fund uses a variety of alpha sources: in addition to equity and credit risk premium, the fund exploits opportunities resulting from new issues, structural features of the bonds as well as niche market inefficiencies.   


Fund data

Current fund data as of 04/13/2021

Currency EUR
Issue price 137.40
Redemption price 132.12
Fund volume 127,59 Mio.
Launch date 06 February 2017
Distribution frequency 7distribution
Portfolio managers Marc-Alexander Knieß, Stefan Schauer, Manuel Zell
Performance fee 610 %
Administration fee 5up to 1.2 %
Redemption fee 8up to 2 %
Subscription fee 4up to 4 %
Benchmark Refinitiv Global Focus Convertible Bonds Index Hedged (EUR)
Fund price publication
Morningstar Rating⁹ ★★★★
  • Source: Lupus alpha; gross performance (BVI method): The gross performance considers all costs incurred at Fund level (e. g. management fee) and assumes reinvestment of any distributions. Costs incurred at customer level such as sales charge and securities account costs are not included. Unless otherwise specified, all indicated performance data show the gross performance. Please note: Past performance is not a reliable indicator the future performance.
  • Source: Lupus alpha; the net performance assumes a model calculation based on an invested amount of EUR 1,000, the maximum sales charge and a redemption charge (see master data). It does not include individual costs of the investor, such as a securities account fee. (To this effect, please refer to the price list of your securities account provider.) Please note: Past performance is not a reliable indicator for future performance.
  • Volatility is the range of variation of a security price or index around its mean value over a fixed period of time. A security is regarded as volatile if its price fluctuates heavily. The tracking error describes the standard deviation (volatility) between the Fund's performance and the performance of the benchmark index. The higher the tracking error, the more the performance of the Fund deviates from the performance of the benchmark index. The investment ratio means the part of the Fund that is not invested in cash. Delta: measures the sensitivity of the convertible bond price on changes to the underlying equity price. A delta of 0,4 means that the price of the convertible rises 4% if the underlying equity price rises 10%. Current yield is a bond's annual return based on its annual coupon payments and current price (as opposed to its original price or face). The formula for current yield is a bond's annual coupons divided by its current price. Interest rate sensitivity is a measure of how much the price of a fixed-income asset will fluctuate as a result of changes in the interest rate environment.
  • The sales charge is the difference between the sales price and the unit value. The sales charge varies depending on the type of the Fund and the distribution channel and usually covers the advisory and distribution costs. The Distributor will demand the sales charge at its own discretion.
  • The management fee is the fee for managing the Fund and taken from the Fund's assets; it is paid to Lupus alpha for the management and administration of the Fund.
  • The performance fee is a performance-related remuneration depending on the performance or the achievement of specific objectives such as a better performance compared to a benchmark. The costs may also be levied if a pre-defined minimum performance has been achieved.
  • Distributing Funds do not reinvest the generated income, they pay out the income to the investor.
  • The redemption charge is the difference between the redemption price and the unit value. The redemption charge will be levied at the discretion of the Management Company and it’s to the sole benefit of the Fund's assets.
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Performance chart

Performance since 01.07.2014: +1.75 %
As of: 31.07.2014

Performance (gross in EUR)[1]:

fromtoLupus alpha Global Convertible Bonds C hedgedRefinitiv Global Focus Hedged Convertible Bond Index (EUR)
1 month 26.02.202131.03.2021-3.70 %-2.49 %
90 days 30.12.202031.03.2021-1.44 %0.63 %
1 year 31.03.202031.03.202132.03 %34.47 %
3 years 29.03.201831.03.202123.72 %27.76 %
5 years n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
this year 30.12.202031.03.2021-1.44 %0.63 %
since inception 06.02.201731.03.202129.84 %31.24 %
since inception p.a. 06.02.201731.03.20216.50 %6.77 %

12-month-timeframe (gross)Lupus alpha Global Convertible Bonds C hedgedRefinitiv Global Focus Hedged Convertible Bond Index (EUR)
31.03.2020 - 31.03.202132.03 %34.47 %
31.03.2019 - 31.03.2020-6.33 %-5.37 %
31.03.2018 - 31.03.20190.05 %0.40 %
31.03.2017 - 31.03.20184.28 %1.64 %

Key Statistics [3]:

as ofLupus alpha Global Convertible Bonds C hedgedRefinitiv Global Focus Hedged Convertible Bond Index (EUR)
Average rating* 31.03.2021BBB-n.a.
Volatility p.a. 31.03.20216.90 %6.60 %
Delta (Equity sensitvity) 31.03.202158.20 %53.40 %
Current yield (in %) 31.03.20210.30 %0.50 %
Interest rate sensitivity (in %) 31.03.20212.00 %2.20 %
Bond duration (in years) 31.03.20214.40 4.50
Tracking Error 31.03.20212.40 %n.a.
Active Share 31.03.202162.20 %n.a.
Fund structure

Top ten holdings (delta adjusted) as of 31/03/2021

Electricite de France SA 0% 20241.50 %
STMicroelectronics NV 0% 20251.30 %
Pinduoduo Inc 0% 20251.20 %
Sika AG 0,2% 20251.20 %
Square Inc 0% 20261.20 %
RingCentral Inc 0% 20251.20 %
Palo Alto Networks Inc 0,8% 20231.10 %
Jazz Pharmaceuticals PLC 2% 20261.10 % Holdings Inc 0% 20251.10 %
Booking Holdings Inc 0,8% 20251.10 %
Total weight of top ten 11.90 %
Total stocks 103.00

Regional Allocation as of 31/03/2021

Regional Allocation (delta adjusted) as of 31/03/2021

Sector allocation as of 31/03/2021

Sector allocation (delta adjusted) as of 31/03/2021

  • Equity-like returns with lower fluctuations in value
  • The average expected volatility is approximately half of that experienced in the wider equity market
  • Similarity to bonds ('bond floor') helps to mitigate losses in the event of declining equity markets
  • Shorter duration and interest rate sensitivity than corporate bonds Access to issuers from the universe of small and mid-cap companies that often do not issue straight corporate bonds
  • In addition to share price movements and coupon income, additional sources of return include volatility, structural characteristics and individual valuation mark-ups
Team expertise

Our Convertible Bonds team can draw on many years of successful  management of global convertible bonds :

  • More than 27 years joint experience managing convertible bond funds
  • Excellent market access to specialised brokers and companies issuing convertible bonds
  • Proprietary databases and analysis models
  • Methodically sound, experienced risk management
Investment concept

Global convertible bonds as a building block of asset allocation

The team primarily invests in global convertible bonds with a balanced equity sensitivity (delta of 30%-70%). The fundamental analysis and thorough security selection are at the core of the investment process.

In addition to the assessment of equity and credit risk of each convertible bond, extensive structural analysis is very important. The aim is to select the convertible bonds with the best risk-return profile depending on the economic situation. Currency risks are systematically hedged. The first step involves filtering the investment universe consisting of approximately 1,000 bonds. Investible securities are determined using a series of quantitative filters, particularly liquidity and credit quality. The resulting universe consists of around 250 to 300 bonds.

This is followed by a comprehensive bottom-up analysis of each convertible bond, which is the primary focus of the investment process. In addition to the analysis of the equity component, the credit quality and structural features are evaluated and market technicals are assessed. The portfolio is then constructed, with position sizes determined based on their effects on the overall portfolio.   

All positions are subject to ongoing disciplined risk monitoring with regard to valuation, credit quality, equity sensitivity (delta) and other key risk figures. 

Investment objective

The objective of Lupus alpha Global Convertible Bonds is to outperform the benchmark index (Thomson Reuters Global Focus Hedged) over the long term.


Opportunities and Risks



  • Investors can benefit frm the upside potential of convertible bonds and their various income sources. 
  • The asymmetrical risk-return profile allows investors to participate in stock markets while being pritected by the bond characteristics of convertibles.
  • Active management enables to exploit opportunities and ensures stringent risk management.




  • Counterparty default: If counterparties and issuers do not fulfill or only partially fulfill their contractual payment obligations, this can result in losses for the fund. Even when securities are carefully selected, losses caused by the financial collapse of issuers cannot be ruled out. 
  • Concentration risk: If investment is concentrated on particular assets or markets, the fund becomes partifularly heavily dependent on the performance of these assets or markets. 
  • Risk connected with derivatives transactions: Changes in the price of the underlying asset can devalue a derivative. If derivatives are used as part of the investment strategy, the Derivatives might have leverage effects that impacte the fund more strongly than the underlying asset. When selling derivates, there is the risk that the fund will suffer an indefinite loss amount. 
  • Operational risk: The fund can become the victim of fraud, criminal acts or errors by company employees or external thrid parties. Finally, management of the fund can be negatively impacted by external events such as fires, natural disasters or similar.
  • Liquidity risk: If securities are traded in a relatively narrow market segment, it can be difficult to resell them in situations where there is insufficient liquidity.
  • Interest-rate risk: Changes in market interest rates can affect the price of fixed-income securities. These fluctuations vary, however, depending on the term of the fixed-income securities.
  • Market risk: The performance of financial products depends on the development of the capital markets. 


In addition to the general risks detailed in the Sales Prospectus, the volatility risk of the European stock market is of special importance. The Lupus alpha Global Convertible Bonds C hedged is classified in category 4 as its unit price tends to fluctuate which means that both the risks of loss and the profit oppportunities may be correspondingly. For detailed information on opportunities and risks, please refer to the current Sales Prospectus.



* The presentation shows the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator ("SRRI") of the Fund's Key Investor Information Document ("KIID") and does not include all possi-ble risks. Funds are subject to market-related price fluctuations which may result in losses up to the total loss of the invested capital. For additional risks and detailed information on the risk and return indicator, please refer to the current Key Investor Information Document. You may retrieve the Key Investor Information Document and the current Sales Prospectus from our website at



This fund information is provided for general information purposes. This information is not designed to replace the investor‘s own market research nor any other legal, tax or financial information or advice. The information presented does not constitute an invitation to buy or sell or investment advice. It does not contain all key information required to make important economic decisions and may differ from information and estimates provided by other sources or market participants. We accept no liability for the accuracy, completeness or topicality of this information. All statements are based on our assessment of the present legal and tax situation. All opinions reflect the current views of the portfolio manager and can be changed without prior notice. Full details of our funds and their licenses of distribution can be found in the relevant current sales prospectus and, where appropriate, Key Investor Information Document , supplemented by the latest audited annual report and/or half-year report. The relevant sales prospectus and Key Investor Information Documents prepared in German are the sole legally-binding basis for the purchase of funds managed by Lupus alpha Investment GmbH. You can obtain these documents free of charge from Lupus alpha Investment GmbH, P.O. Box 1112 62, 60047 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, upon request by calling +49 69 365058-7000, by e-mailing or via our website If funds are licensed for distribution in Austria the respective sales prospectus, Key Investor Information Document and the latest audited annual report or half-year report are available from the Austrian paying and information agent UniCredit Bank Austria AG based in Rothschildplatz 1, 1020 Vienna, Austria. Fund units can be obtained from banks, savings banks and independent financial advisors.




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Our Convertible Bonds team looks back on many years of successful global convertible bond management. Before Marc-Alexander Knieß and Stefan Schauer joined Lupus alpha, they have been working together successfully for several years. Manuel Zell joined the Lupus alpha Global Convertible Bonds team in June 2017.    


Marc-Alexander Knieß
Portfolio Management Global Convertible Bonds

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