“As an independent specialist provider, we are active asset managers with passion and conviction.”

Ralf Lochmüller
Managing Partner, CEO

“Excellent service, streamlined processes, short decision-making paths and tailor-made solutions – that is what we are all about.”

Michael Frick
Managing Partner, CFO

Markus Zuber
Partner, CSO

“Our ambition is to achieve ambitious and transparent performance goals.”

Dr. Götz Albert
Managing Partner, CIO

Alexander Raviol
Partner, CIO Alternative Solutions

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A specialist among asset management companies

All-rounder or specialist? We already knew which of these we wanted to be when Lupus alpha was founded in 2000. As a specialist among asset management companies, we focus on asset classes and investment strategies where active managers hold an advantage. We systematically uncover new alpha sources for our investors to create opportunities for them to further diversify their overall portfolio.

As one of the first independent investment companies in Germany, we remain a medium-sized company. This independence protects us and our clients from conflicts of interest and means we can gear our services entirely towards their needs.

In the European small and mid-cap segment, we generate steady, sustainable added value for our investors with one of the largest and most experienced portfolio management teams. Lupus alpha has been among the biggest providers of volatility strategies in Germany since 2008. With specialised concepts that differ from traditional fixed-income investments, including CLO strategies since 2014 and convertible bonds since 2017, we also provide solutions for the special challenges in our clients’ fixed income portfolio.

Lupus alpha in numbers

years of experience

... as one of the first independent, owner-operated asset management companies in Germany



... including more than 35 portfolio management specialists

EUR 14.0

billion in assets under management

... in institutional special funds, outsourcing and advisory mandates and mutual funds


mutual funds

... in European small and mid caps, convertible bonds, volatility and CLO strategies




... including "Best Equity Fund House" (Morningstar Awards 2021 )and "Top Fund Company" (Capital Fonds-Kompass 2021)

The alpha way to invest

We are passionate specialists. With clear views and without the need to focus on benchmarks, we are free to follow our conviction that specialist knowledge can convert alpha potential into outperformance. That is why we focus entirely on asset classes away from major indices. Everything we think and do is guided by unique quality standards based on active entrepreneurship, product transparency and clarity, teams that enjoy significant freedom, and ambitious goals.

We take performance personally

Our ambition is to achieve ambitious, transparent goals compared to an index or absolute performance goals. This means holding ourselves to the high standard of ensuring that our funds remain in the first quintile of their asset class over the long term. For us, added value means more than systematic outperformance: it means exceptional service, with streamlined processes, short decision-making paths and tailor-made solutions for the specific requirements of our clients and partners.

Clients about Lupus alpha

For more than 20 years Lupus alpha offers specialised innovative investment solutions and excellent service. Personal contact is decisive. Read what our clients say about us.

“What I like about Lupus alpha is their exclusive products and experienced team of experts.”
Christian Bonnen
Mitglied des Vorstands, Kreissparkasse Köln
„I’ve known Lupus alpha from the outset. What impresses me most is their consistent desire to be a purely niche provider, but only if this means they can deliver genuinely enhanced returns. They have demonstrated the last point impressively with new innovative approaches.”
Bernd Franken
Geschäftsführer, Nordrheinische Ärzteversorgung
"Lupus alpha stands for a great team, stringent processes and sustainable outperformance".
Henrik Hänche
Executive Vice President, Corporate Finance, Deutsche Post AG
“For years now, we have appreciated Lupus alpha’s expert knowledge and rigorous focus on our specific investment needs.”
Ludger Grothues
Mitglied des Vorstands LVM, Landwirtschaftlicher Versicherungsverein Münster aG
“The bank has operated in line with Christian principles ever since BIB was founded around 50 years ago. Peace, justice and the integrity of creation are all topics that have once again become important in an economic, social and ecological context and are closely linked with sustainability issues. For many years, Lupus alpha have understood exactly how to apply these individual portfolio management sustainability requirements to our church costumers and their needs.”
Manfred Sonnenschein
Mitglied des Vorstands, Bank im Bistum Essen

Lupus alpha’s partnership-based corporate structure creates an environment that ensures the greatest possible degree of staff continuity at management level and also allows top performers to be integrated entrepreneurially within Lupus alpha.

The company has nine partners in total, five of whom form the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee manages the day-to-day operations of Lupus alpha and facilitates the regular exchange of ideas and information across departments as well as senior-level interface management.

Ralf Lochmüller

Managing Partner, CEO and responsible for Strategy & Planning.

Executive Committee member

Dr. Götz Albert, CFA

Managing Partner, CIO and responsible for Portfolio Management.

Executive Committee member

Michael Frick

Managing Partner, CFO and responsible for Compliance, Finance & Risk and Technology & Infrastructure

Executive Committee member

Alexander Raviol

Partner, CIO Alternative Solutions

Executive Committee member

Dr. Markus Zuber

Partner, CSO and responsible for Clients & Markets

Executive Committee member

For details about Lupus alpha's investment solutions, products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach our Clients & Markets team via the personal e-mail addresses of our Relationship Managers or by phone at +49 69 - 36 50 58 7000.

Ralf Lochmüller
Managing Partner, CEO
Dr. Markus Zuber
Partner, CSO
Rachel-Bel Bongi
Client Services
Dejan Saravanja
Senior Relationship Manager
Benjamin Wendel
Senior Relationship Manager
Michael Lichter
Senior Manager, Product Management
Alternative Investments Award 2021 from GELD-Magazin
Alternative Investments Award 2021 from GELD-Magazin
Capital Fonds-Kompass 2021
Morningstar Award 2021
Morningstar Award 2021

"Best Equity Fund House" 

Morningstar Awards attest to Lupus alpha’s equities expertise


Scope Award 2021
Scope Award 2021

"Best Asset Manager Boutiques" 

Lupus alpha voted best specialist provider for third successive year