„Our independence is indispensable – being the basis for investment decisions concentrating entirely on added value for investors.“

Ralf Lochmüller,
Managing Partner, CEO 

“European Small & Mid Caps are not a side issue. Trust one of the biggest Small & Mid Cap teams in Europe.”

Dr. Götz Albert, CFA,
Managing Partner, CEO 

“Diversification is essential: That is why we develop specialised investment strategies with the aim of achieving above-average performance.”

Alexander Raviol, 
Partner, CIO Alternative Solutions


European small and mid caps as the performance driver for equity portfolios: take advantage of our extensive experience to tap the alpha potential of this asset class in your portfolio.

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Ambitious return requirements on tight risk budgets: draw on our expertise in options-based strategies to utilise alternative risk premiums as efficiently as possible.

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Specialized investment solutions as a complement to corporate and government bonds in the continuing low yield environment. Take advantage of our expertise in CLOs and global convertibles bonds.

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Scope Award Best Asset Manager Boutique goes to Lupus alpha

At the annual Scope Awards in Berlin Lupus alpha was awarded as Best Asset Manager Boutique in Germany.

2018, March

Four-times winner Lupus alpha Smaller German Champions

The Lupus alpha Smaller German Champions recieved the acclaimed Morningsta Award for the third time in succession.

German Small & Mid Caps

Repeatedly distinguished: Small & Mid Cap funds

Fund Manager Björn Glück and his Lupus alpha Smaller German Champions: frequently distinguished and successful for over 15 years.