„Our independence is
indispensable – being
the basis for investment
decisions concentrating
entirely on added value for investors.“

Ralf Lochmüller,
Managing Partner, Partner Spokesman

“European Small & Mid Caps are not a side issue. Trust one of the biggest Small & Mid Cap teams in Europe.”

Dr. Götz Albert, CFA,
Partner, Head of Portfolio Management Small & Mid Caps

“Diversification is essential: That is why we develop specialised investment strategies with the aim of achieving above-average performance.”

Alexander Raviol,
Partner, Head of Alternative Solutions

European small and mid caps as the performance driver for equity portfolios: take advantage of our extensive experience to tap the alpha potential of this asset class in your portfolio.

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Ambitious return requirements on tight risk budgets: draw on our expertise in options-based strategies to utilise alternative risk premiums as efficiently as possible.

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Specialized investment solutions as a complement to corporate and government bonds in the continuing low yield environment. Take advantage of our expertise in CLOs and global convertibles bonds.

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