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Lupus alpha receives international award for best CLO fund

Another accolade for the asset management company's experienced CLO team

After 20 years of successful collaboration, Lupus alpha’s four-strong CLO team was once again named ‘Best CLO Fund’ in the sub-USD 150 million category at the 16th Creditflux Manager Awards in London, having previously collected the award in 2018. Creditflux is one of the world’s largest data providers in the collateralised loan obligation (CLO) and credit fund market. Its annual awards are presented to the best CLOs, CLO managers and CLO funds based solely on quantitative criteria and are among the most prestigious accolades in this segment.

"We are delighted to win this renowned award in the collateralised loan obligation asset class, which is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany as an alternative investment in the pensions segment," said Ralf Lochmüller, CEO and Managing Partner of Lupus alpha. "We know how much this success depends on our considerable specialist expertise and market knowledge as well as the experience of our CLO specialists Norbert Adam, Klaus Ripper, Stamatia Hagenstein and Michael Hombach, who have been working together in their current configuration for 20 years."

The recipient of the ‘Best CLO Fund’ award was our Lupus alpha CLO II Opportunity Notes 2027 product (ISIN XS0963406052), which provides access to CLO mezzanine and equity tranches. Despite their similarity to bonds, investments in CLO equity are more equity-like in nature. They are designed for investors with significantly higher return expectations and a more aggressive risk profile, with this note generating a return of 45.4 percent in 2023.

CLO investments also offer fixed-income investors a good alternative to corporate and high-yield bonds, as the returns on investment-grade CLO tranches with excellent credit quality are significantly higher than those on corporate bonds with similar credit ratings. This means that investors can use CLO investments to diversify their bond portfolio even further.

Lupus alpha manages around EUR 4.2 billion in individual CLO mandates, a mutual fund and two CLO equity notes for its investors. Overall, the Frankfurt-based asset management company manages more than EUR 15 billion in assets for its institutional and wholesale investors.

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