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Our customer magazine “Leitwolf” presents you recent topics in asset management and offers you a personal insight into Lupus alpha’s everyday business. Consciously we take up specialist topics differently, we realise innovations and glimpse behind the scenes of business companies. International innovators and opinion leaders, so to say real alpha wolfs in the fields of economy, science and society, examine our topics. 

You can find the online version with additional content, photos and videos here: Unfortunately, the content of our costumer magazine is available only in German.




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Das Magazin von
Lupus alpha

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Das Magazin von
Lupus alpha

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Das Magazin von
Lupus alpha

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Das Magazin von
Lupus alpha

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Das Magazin von
Lupus alpha



Since 2008, we have published the Lupus alpha Absolute Return Study every six months.  The study examines the absolute return segment and alternative investment concepts based on data provided by the Thomson Reuters Lipper fund analysis company.



White Paper 02-2018

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Studie 2. Halbjahr 2018

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White Paper 1. Halbjahr 2018

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Studie 1. Halbjahr 2018

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White Paper 02-2017

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Studie 2. Halbjahr 2017

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White Paper 01-2017

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Studie 1. Halbjahr 2017

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Mandatory disclosures


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Ausführungsgrundsätze zur Best Execution (2019)

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Vergütungspolitik der Lupus alpha Gruppe (2019)

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Strategien zur Stimmrechtsausübung (2019)

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Wichtigste Broker (2018)

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Wichtigste Broker (2017)

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Anlegerinformationen für Anteilinhaber

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Sustainability Reports 


In our sustainability reports, we offer you an overview of our sustainability activities and invite you to get an idea of ​​our commitment.