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Product Downloads


In this section we have compiled all the necessary publications on our funds.



Mandatory disclosures


We have gathered all necessary mandatory disclosures in this section.





Vergütungspolitik der Lupus alpha Gruppe (2021)

93 KB

Responsible Investing Policy (2020)

2 MB

Strategien zur Stimmrechtsausübung (2020)

105 KB

Anlegerinformationen für Anteilinhaber

67 KB


90 KB

Ausführungsgrundsätze zur Best Execution (2019)

85 KB


104 KB

Report on top-5-trading-venues (2020)

5 KB

Wichtigste Broker (2020)

269 KB

Lupus alpha ESG Methodology

97 KB



Sustainability Reports 


In our sustainability reports, we offer you an overview of our sustainability activities and invite you to get an idea of ​​our commitment.










Sustainability Report 2019

2 MB

Sustainability Report 2018

171 KB

Sustainability Report 2017

347 KB

Sustainability Report 2016

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