Scope Investment Awards 2021 


Lupus alpha voted best specialist provider for third successive year


Lupus alpha was named “Best Asset Manager Boutiques” in Germany at this year's Scope Investment Awards for the third successive year after previous successes in 2018 and 2019. The evaluation takes into account Scope's fund rating and performance over the last 12 months, as well as a qualitative review of business and investment processes.

“Lupus alpha is a specialist among boutiques. Our expertise enables us to exploit information inefficiencies in niche markets and open up sources of income for investors both consistently and successfully,” said Ralf Lochmüller, CEO and Managing Partner at Lupus alpha. “Winning this award for the third year in a row is both an incentive and commitment for us to continue making a relevant contribution to the diversification and performance of our clients’ portfolios,” Lochmüller added.

In addition to specialisation, independence is another key success factor for systematically recurring alpha. This is backed up by the findings of the study published by City University London in February entitled “Is there a boutique asset management premium?” In it, the authors present economically and statistically significant proof that a boutique asset management premium exists, and report that this trend is particularly pronounced in the European small and mid-cap sectors.

In a capital market year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, European small and mid caps are also being shaped by major upheaval and rapid sector rotation. In this dynamic environment, Lupus alpha has been able to exploit opportunities as an active asset management company to generate the highest outperformance since launch in some strategies. Lupus alpha Micro Champions (ISIN: LU1891775857) stands out here with 12.24% (as of 25 November), while Lupus alpha Pan European Smaller Companies (ISIN: DE000A1J9DT9) achieved an outperformance of 10.5% and Lupus alpha Smaller German Champions (ISIN: LU0129233507) outperformed by 7.54%. These funds have recovered from their price declines in March and are already reaching new highs, while the broader equity market is still below pre-crisis levels.

Scope’s judges said: “Lupus alpha Asset Management once again demonstrated its considerable class in a challenging market dominated by the coronavirus crisis. Its specialists for products based on equities from small and medium-sized companies in Germany and Europe performed impressively, with the best rating ratio in their segment. Their distinct expertise and experience results in consistently strong performance compared to the peer group, with Lupus alpha Micro Champions defending its A rating uninterrupted for around two years.”

Convertible bond fund Lupus alpha Global Convertible Bonds (ISIN: LU1535992389) was also ranked among the top five in its group at this year’s Scope Investment Awards. During the current year, the Fund has impressed with not only its high absolute performance of 15.71% (as of 25 November) but also its stability during the sell-off in the equity markets, when it only lost a maximum of just over 16% compared to its annual high.

Summing up, Ralf Lochmüller said: “Performance requires strong decisions. That’s why our portfolio managers have to be able to contribute all of their expertise, knowledge and experience to the portfolio. They need an environment that is characterised by trust and gives management teams the flexibility they need within clearly defined investment processes. They can find that environment at Lupus alpha.”