Success galore – Lupus alpha impress for the sixth time at the Lipper Fund Awards 2017

International ratings agency Thomson Reuters Lipper presented Lupus alpha in Germany and Austria with the Lipper Fund Award 2017 for the Best Small Equity Firm for the first time.    

Lupus alpha impressed the judges with its small and mid-cap equity expertise to beat 100 competitors in its group to the coveted accolade. The Lipper Fund Awards have been recognising exceptional performance in more than 20 countries for the past three decades. This award acknowledges more than 16 years of excellent portfolio-management work and honours our active asset management approach.

There was also reason for Lupus alpha Smaller German Champions portfolio managers Björn Glück and Peter C. Conzatti to celebrate, as their fund was named winner of the 'Equity Germany Small and Mid-Caps' category at the Lipper Fund Awards for the sixth time.

While Lipper's accolade acknowledges the contribution of portfolio managers Björn Glück and Peter C. Conzatti, investors also have reason to be cheerful. Their capital has increased in value by an average of more than 12 per cent per year since the fund was launched 16 years ago. This performance means the Lupus alpha fund has also exceeded its benchmark index by an average of 2.6 per cent each year.


The key to this success is consistent stock-picking, active asset management based on passion and conviction, and the particular expertise of our experienced nine-strong Small & Mid-Cap team.

Learn more about Lupus alpha's perennial winners in a short interview with portfolio manager Björn Glück in the German investor magazine 'Mein Geld'.

Interview with Björn Glück in German investor magazine 'Mein Geld' 02/2017


Interview Björn Glück - „Wir sind überzeugte Stock Picker“

Mein geld spricht mit dem Lipper-Award-Gewinner Björn Glück, Portfolio Manager Lupus alpha Smaller German Champions.

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