Ever since Lupus alpha was founded, our greatest concern has been to develop investment concepts and solutions that offer our customers genuine added value. We also seek to achieve this with our publications on various asset management topics.


Inside our specialist publications, you will find further information on our investment approaches, asset classes and in-house studies. Unfortunately, we provide most of our publications only in German.


Our AlphaDossiers provide a comprehensive insight into individual asset classes such as CLOs, volatility, Convertibles or European small and mid-caps. Get to know our investment process, meet the people behind the products and set out on a fascinating journey through the areas of alternative asset strategies, specialised bond strategies and small and mid-caps.

AlphaDossier 010 |
Small and mid caps

Small and mid cap equities: a key component of an asset allocation

AlphaDossier 009 |

Wie Investoren die Volatilitäts-Risikoprämie effizeint vereinnahmen können

AlphaDossier 008 |

Investieren in Wandelanleihen - Diversifikationschancen für Investoren

AlphaDossier 006 |

Investieren in CLOs – ein Beitrag für die Portfolio-Praxis

AlphaDossier 005 |

Risikoprämie Konvexität – mehr Rendite pro Risikoeinheit für Ihr Aktienportfolio

AlphaDossier 004 |

Stabilität und Rendite für Anleiheportfolios in anspruchsvollen Zinsumfeldern

AlphaDossier 003 |
Small & Mid Caps

Warum eine Exponierung in Small & Mid Caps für Aktienportfolios so wichtig ist

AlphaDossier 002 |

Wie Portfolios heute von Volatilitätsstrategien als Renditequelle und Krisenabsicherung profitieren

AlphaDossier 001 |
Small and mid Caps

Why Small and mid Caps Will Remain the Performance Driver of Equity Portfolios in 2014


Since 2008, we have published the Lupus alpha Absolute Return Study every six months.  The study examines the absolute return segment and alternative investment concepts based on data provided by the Thomson Reuters Lipper fund analysis company.   

Studie 1. Halbjahr 2016

Qualitätsanalyse Absolute Return-Fonds in Deutschland

Sustainability Reports 


In our sustainability reports, we offer you an overview of our sustainability activities and invite you to get an idea of ​​our commitment.

Sustainability Report 2017