„Technical progress is changing our world. Small & Mid Caps play a decisive role in this process. It is our task to discover these hidden champions.“

Dr. Götz Albert, CFA, Managing Partner, CIO

Small & Mid Caps

Lupus alpha's specialist Small & Mid Caps team covers the entire spectrum of listed second-line equities in Europe – from micro caps and small caps all the way to mid caps. This enables investors to consistently exploit the return potential of the small- and mid-cap segment with Lupus alpha. Picking the right stocks is a key factor for success in these information-inefficient segments. At Lupus alpha, nine specialists with an average of 18 years' investment experience form a Small & Mid Caps team whose specialisation may well be unique in Europe.




with more than 60 awards for managing European small and mid caps



in the Small & Mid Caps portfolio management team – one of the biggest in Europe



each year – providing information that gives our portfolio managers an edge

How does Lupus alpha invest?

Truly active portfolio management with high active share

Benchmarking does not play a role at Lupus alpha. Our portfolio managers have the freedom to deviate from consensus and thus exploit market opportunities.

Information inefficiencies represent opportunities

Market inefficiencies are essential for above-average returns. The more particular the market segment, the greater the chance of maximising returns by gaining an information advantage.

Bottom-up approach exploits information gaps

The primary objective throughout the small- and mid-cap segment is to unearth the most attractive equities – 'hidden champions' and true 'cash cows'. As well as analysing the business models of each prospective investment, Lupus alpha's specialist Small & Mid Cap team relies upon findings from first-hand company visits and management assessments.

We take performance personally

With us, investors know which experienced, skilled fund manager is responsible for the performance of each fund.

Investor advantages

  • Specialisation: a large team of Germany's most experienced small- and mid-cap managers
  • Strong stock-picking expertise with a consistent bottom-up approach
  • Advantage gained from exploiting information inefficiencies
  • Close interlocking between portfolio management and research
  • Moderate risk profile due to broad diversification (sectors, regions)
  • Strategies for risk-adjusted exposure to European small and mid caps

Portfolio Manager

Dr. Götz Albert
CFA, Managing Partner, CIO

Product Responsibility: Equity ratio management

Björn Glück
CFA, Portfolio Management Small & Mid Caps Europe

Lupus alpha Smaller German Champions A Lupus alpha Smaller German Champions C

Björn Wolf
CESGA, Portfolio Management & Research Small & Mid Caps Europa