Institutional investors

Lupus alpha is an independent and specialised asset management company with investment management companies in Germany and Luxembourg. We are a partner and solution provider for the individual needs of institutional investors. Without the constraints of a bank or affiliated group, we are free to select our business partners (particularly for trading and the selection of depositories) and can use the best available products on the markets for the benefit of our clients. As a result, we are solely committed to the performance of our investment products and the individual needs of our clients.

Professional investment solutions

Tailored to individual requirements

As an institutional investor, we offer you professional solutions specifically tailored to your needs to achieve your predetermined investment objectives and enable us to meet both specific and regulatory requirements.

We take performance personally

In order to meet our unique quality standards, each of our investment concepts is personally managed by specialists and portfolio managers with many years of experience. Our efficient German investment management company has many years of experience in addressing the specific needs of institutional investors and provides us with an excellent infrastructure.

Our range of services

We can offer you a comprehensive range of services:

  • specialised investment strategies in Alternative Solutions and Small & Mid Caps
  • investment vehicles suited to your needs (special funds, advisory, mutual funds, certificates etc.)
  • personalised risk management
  • personalised reporting and investment management company services

Learn more

Discover how our specialists work with you to deliver solutions tailored to your requirements. Get to know the investment vehicles we can use to implement your investment solution. Learn how you can benefit from personalised information about your investment with us.

Developing solutions

The extensive expertise of our specialists is at your disposal. We support and advise on strategic asset allocation and work with you to develop the right investment strategy and portfolio solution. By listening to your needs, we can develop appropriate strategies within our specialist areas to help you achieve your investment goals, before recommending the investment opportunity best suited to you.

Identifying investment alternatives

  • Special AIFs (alternative investment funds): Our investment management company, Lupus alpha Investment GmbH in Frankfurt, gives you the opportunity to launch special AIFs quickly and efficiently, enabling you to implement Lupus alpha's investment strategies immediately. You have the freedom to select the service providers (e.g. depositories) of your choice. We are glad to help you select suitable partners.
  • Our investment management company is a service unit for assets managed by Lupus alpha, guaranteeing close interaction and optimally coordinated execution, risk management and internal and external reporting processes.
  • Our investment management company as a platform: As a special service, we offer our clients the chance to use our investment management company's services as a platform for launching externally managed public or special AIFs quickly and without unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • Mutual funds: Since the start of 2005, it has become significantly more costly for investors using IFRS accounting to account for special AIFs. As a result, many institutional investors are opting for institutional mutual funds as an interesting alternative to special AIFs, as this enables them to avoid the IFRS consolidation obligation while still meeting all requirements.
  • We offer institutional mutual funds for almost all of our investment strategies. We can work with you to create individualised funds, including white-label products, where required.
  • Advisory: If you have already selected an investment management company or master fund design, we can act as an investment advisor to advise your investment management company on investment decisions and manage your assets in our strategies in accordance with jointly specified rules. We would be glad to help you select the investment management company that is right for you.
  • Certificates: Regulatory requirements often call for investment strategies to be securitised by bonds and certificates. Make the most of Lupus alpha's contacts and connections with the market's leading providers to securitise your Lupus alpha strategies in the form best suited to your needs.

Staying personally informed

Your dedicated Relationship Manager will regularly provide you with information on market changes and the performance of your mandate. As well as reporting on the latest standards to fit your requirements and supplying monthly fact sheets, we also provide you with fund commentaries and individual written reports. Your Relationship Manager can assist you personally – according to your exact requirements.