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The alpha way to invest – Lupus alpha


We create real added value by offering innovative investment solutions, above-average performance and exceptional service tailored to the individual needs of professional investors. Even retail investors can profit from the passion at Lupus alpha for excellent investments in our mutual funds.

For 20 years, this service package has made Lupus alpha one of the first ports of call for professional and retail investors - the alpha way to invest.




as one of the first independent, owner-operated asset management companies in Germany



engaged in asset management, including 35 portfolio management specialists

round 13.0


in assets under management



and individual strategies in European Small & Mid Caps



and individual strategies in Alternative Solutions and Advcanced Fixed Income

Great minds developing innovative alpha strategies


As an independent, owner-operated asset management company, Lupus alpha has been synonymous with specialised investment solutions for 20 years. Lupus alpha is a pioneer in the European small- and mid-cap segment and is now one of the continent's leading providers of liquid alternative investment concepts as well as fixed income strategies. More than 90 employees, including 35 portfolio management specialists, are committed to delivering above-average performance and a service fully tailored to the individual needs of our investors. Our objective: We aim to provide sustained added value by active, innovative investment strategies for intelligent portfolio diversification for institutional investors.


What does Lupus alpha stand for?


Lupus alpha's special value for investors can be summarised by five key characteristics.


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  • Driven by performance

  • Independent

  • Individual

  • Follows a different path

  • Specialised

Lupus alpha is driven by performance.

Our portfolio managers can focus on specialised asset classes with high alpha potential and take full advantage of performance opportunities. Passionate service is an essential part of our offer.

Lupus alpha is independent.

Lupus alpha’s independence enables us to avoid conflicts of interest with affiliated companies. This means we can gear our entire range of services entirely towards the needs of our clients, not just our portfolio management activities.

Lupus alpha is individual.

Flat hierarchies enable our portfolio management specialists to make decisions quickly and independently. Lupus alpha can tailor every portfolio to suit the client. Lupus alpha's own investment management company means we can offer institutional investors all the services they require.

Lupus alpha follows a different path.

Our business concept is unique in Germany: an owner-operated investment management company with a corporate structure based on partnership, with a focus on speciality products and a technology platform for efficient solutions tailored to the needs of each client. We strive for quality in everything we think and do.

Lupus alpha is specialised.

Lupus alpha focuses on specialised investment approaches that require special expertise. We operate outside the traditional index universe and can generate lasting added value for our clients. Lupus alpha focuses on alternative investments and European Small & Mid caps.

Portfolio management with a unique character


Specialisations that buck trends


Lupus alpha only launches products in asset classes that require extremely specialist expertise. We focus on a few specific asset classes in which we possess this particular know-how: European Small & Mid Cap-FondsAlternative Solutions and Advanced Fixed Income. Only by taking this approach we can meet our own stringent quality requirements and generate real added value for our clients.


Lupus alpha only launches a fund when there is a realistic chance of consistently outperforming the agreed benchmark or achieving the target return.


We aim to remain our funds situated in the first quintile of their asset class over the long term. Our active portfolio management and the transparency and clarity of our products are characteristic of our investment philosophy.


Asset management ‘Made in Germany’


As a specialist provider, Lupus alpha is an asset management company ‘Made in Germany’. We systematically uncover new alpha sources for our investors using specialised, innovative strategies and create opportunities for them to further diversify their overall portfolio.


We take performance personally


Every investor knows who is responsible for the performance of their mandate or strategy within Lupus alpha.


Our management


Lupus alpha’s partnership-based corporate structure creates an environment that ensures the greatest possible degree of staff continuity at management level and also allows top performers to be integrated entrepreneurially within Lupus alpha.


The company has nine partners in total, five of whom form the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee manages the day-to-day operations of Lupus alpha and facilitates the regular exchange of ideas and information across departments as well as senior-level interface management.


Michael Frick


Managing Partner, CFO and responsible for Compliance, Finance & Risk and Technology & Infrastructure.


Executive Committee member

Dr. Markus Zuber


Partner, CSO and responsibility for Clients & Markets


Executive Committee member

Ralf Lochmüller


Managing Partner, CEO and responsible for Strategy & Planning.


Executive Committee member

Dr. Götz Albert, CFA


Managing Partner, CIO and responsible for Portfolio Management.


Executive Committee member

Alexander Raviol


Partner, CIO Alternative Solutions


Executive Committee member

Our clients

As a medium sized enterprise, we see ourselves as a partner and solutions provider for the investment needs of our clients. These include among others:

Our Awards



    "Best German Asset Management Company,           8 to 15 rated funds" 



      "Best German Asset Management Company,           8 to 15 rated funds" 



        "Best German Asset Management Company,           4 to 7 rated funds"   



          "Best German Asset Management Company,           4 to 7 rated funds"   


            Alternative Investments Award 2020 from GELD-Magazin

            Alternative Investments Award 2019

            Alternative Investments Award 2017

            Morningstar Award 2020

            Award as "Best Fund House: Equity" 


              Capital Fonds-Kompass 2021

                Our responsibility


                Lupus alpha supports Principles for Responsible Investment


                Socially and environmentally responsible trading is not only logical but also necessary, as responsible investing contributes significantly to the creation of sustainable investments. With this in mind, Lupus alpha has signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). As a result, Lupus alpha is committed to implementing the guidelines formulated by the United Nations when carrying out its portfolio management activities. In our role as trustees and in the interests of our clients, we align our investment strategies and processes even more strongly and systematically with the United Nations' sustainability targets. 

                You can find our current sustainability report here.



                UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI)


                The PRI is an investor initiative in partnership with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Finance Initiative and UN Global Compact. The six principles:

                1. We will incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes.

                2. We will be active owners and incorporate ESG issues into our ownership policies and practices.

                3. We will seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest.

                4. We will promote acceptance and implementation of the principles within the investment industry.

                5. We will work together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the principles.

                6. We will each report on our activities and progress towards implementing the principles.

                Further information about the PRI initiative can be found here: https://www.unpri.org/


                Our corporate structure


                In addition to Lupus alpha Asset Management AG in Frankfurt, Lupus alpha Investment GmbH in Frankfurt – the first owner-operated investment management company in Germany – also serve as additional organisational unit.



                Our history


                Lupus alpha was founded in October 2000 as one of Germany’s first independent investment companies. With its partnership-based corporate structure and independence from banks, Lupus alpha offered even then an alternative to the competitors dominating the market. With their unique corporate philosophy, the founding partners of Lupus alpha created an environment that provides optimum support for a focus on quality and performance and offers long-term prospects for the Company’s top performers.


                Since its foundation, Lupus alpha has focused on investment approaches in asset classes with particular return drivers, the first of which was European small and mid caps. Our specially developed investment process has proven successful for many years. It aims to analyse small- and mid-cap companies across Europe and identify assets for which above-average performance is expected. With one of the largest and most experienced team specialising solely on small and mid caps, combined with an active, fundamentally based bottom-up approach, Lupus alpha has succeeded from the beginning in generating steady, sustainable added value for investors.


                As one of the first providers of absolute return concepts, Lupus alpha continued to specialise in 2003 and expanded its offer into the area of alternative Solutions. This development was triggered by growing demand for liquid alternative investment approaches among institutional clients and a wider statutory framework. Today, Lupus alpha offers a variety of alternative investment strategies based on different return drivers and with a correspondingly broad range of risk-return profiles. In addition to equity-focused value protection concepts, the portfolio includes investment approaches in the equity, volatility and fixed income asset classes. Particular emphasis is placed on volatility strategies. Lupus alpha has been among the biggest providers in Germany since 2008. With specialised concepts that differ from traditional fixed-income investments (advanced fixed income) we also provide solutions for the special challenges in our clients' fixed income portfolios. As a specialist and solution provider, we will continue to develop new alpha sources to meet individual client needs in the future. Lupus alpha currently has around EUR 13 billion of assets under management.