„Our experienced team offers tailor-made volatility strategies. With this service, we provide investors with access to alternative sources of return.“

Alexander Raviol,
Partner, CIO Alternative Solutions

Alternative Solutions

Lupus alpha's Alternative Solutions strategies offer solutions for the growing challenges faced by institutional investors. In the future, typical return requirements will be almost impossible to meet with traditional bond-dominated portfolios, particularly in light of extremely low interest rates.


It is also doubtful whether fixed-income investments will continue to have the diversifying effect that has been observed in the recent past. At the same time, a further increase in the equity allocation is often not possible or practical due to bulk risks and efficient use of risk budgets.




in Alternative Solutions – as a pioneer for asymmetric concepts and alternative sources of return in Germany



with considerable experience in the Alternative Solutions portfolio management team



in proprietary databases form the basis for investment decisions and risk monitoring

Alternative Solutions with Lupus alpha?

Alternative return driver and/or asymmetric earnings profile

Our alternative solutions are characterised by a combination of asymmetric risk/return structures and alternative return drivers. The aim of these asymmetric profiles is to limit losses while restricting profits as little as possible. The challenge lies in optimising this conflict.

We focus on liquid instruments when it comes to alternative return drivers. In particular, this means economically viable risk premiums such as the volatility risk premium or low-beta risk premium. These are supplemented by alpha to build an efficient portfolio based on strategic design and our fund manager’s information advantages.  

More than a decade of experience  

Lupus alpha is one of Germany's first and most experienced providers of alternative solutions. So, the Company has been offering institutional investors innovative asymmetric equity strategies with capital preservation since 2003. The structures and processes at Lupus alpha are aligned to the requirements of liquid alternative investments: a large, experienced European portfolio management and research team with more than 15 experts, an in-house quantitative analysis team, proprietary databases, critically scrutinised backtesting methods, methodically sound and experienced risk management and complete control over trading processes.  

We take performance personally

With us, investors know which one of our experienced, skilled fund managers is responsible for the performance of each fund.

A variety of strategies for investors

Innovative alternative investments help improve diversification and optimise the risk-return structure of a portfolio. With this in mind, Lupus alpha offers a wide array of solutions:

  • Strategies with traditional return drivers but asymmetric earnings profiles, e.g. equity strategies for various equity markets with capital preservation features
  • Strategies with alternative return drivers such as volatility strategies
  • Options-based risk overlay