Are you curious to find out how we bring together a team made up of the best professionals in the industry?

If so, send your cover letter, together with your CV and relevant references, to If we believe you could potentially become a member of our team, we will invite you to Frankfurt or interview you over the telephone, giving you the opportunity to learn more about the vacant post, Lupus alpha, and our team first hand. If all goes well, we will invite you to take part in a series of one-on-one or group interviews, several of which will give you the chance to apply your specialist knowledge to pertinent case studies.

We very much hope this will help you build a clear picture of both the duties and responsibilities involved in the role as well as the wider working environment. The process will enable you to ask questions and meet Lupus alpha employees in person, while at the same time allowing us to form an impression of you and your professional qualifications. You will receive feedback within a few days of completing your interviews.

What we are looking for

Would you like to learn more about Lupus alpha, or do you have questions about specific job opportunities? If so, we would be glad to help and look forward to your call!

Portfolio Manager Renten (w/m)

Arbeiten Sie in einem hoch motivierten Team mit unseren erfahrenen Portfolio Management-Kollegen. Denken Sie mit uns unternehmerisch; seien Sie flexibel und kreativ in einem Unternehmen mit flachen Hierarchien, kurzen Entscheidungswegen und vielen Ideen; eine echte Chance im Asset Management zu wachsen.

Ihre Herausforderung

  • Sie übernehmen als Teil unseres spezialisierten Portfolio-Management-Teams Verantwortung für den Renten / Cash-Teil der Portfolios in unserem Bereich Alternative Solutions.
  • Im Rententeil unserer Portfolios setzen Sie insbesondere europäische Kurzläufer im Investment Grade-Bereich ein. Hierbei geht es um eine Optimierung der Rendite bei gegebenen Risikoprofilen.
  • Sie analysieren Cash-Ersatz-Produkte nach ökonomischen und sonstigen Risiken und setzen diese im Rahmen der individuellen Portfoliorestriktionen ein.
  • Sie entwickeln neue Ideen für die Gestaltung der Rentenportfolios unter Berücksichtigung der sich ständig ändernden Marktgegebenheiten.


Ihre Kompetenzen

  • Sie verfügen über ein wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium oder eine vergleichbare Ausbildung.
  • Sie sind ein ausgewiesener Rentenexperte und können dies durch mehrjährige Berufserfahrung im Portfolio-Management oder Trading nachweisen.
  • Sie verfügen über erstklassige Kenntnisse im europäischen Covered-Bonds-Markt, sowohl in der Analyse als auch im Handel.
  • Sie zeichnen sich durch Ihre ausgeprägten analytischen Fähigkeiten und Ihre strukturierte Arbeitsweise aus.
  • Sie sind in der Lage sowohl selbständig als auch im Team zu arbeiten.
  • Fließende Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse setzen wir voraus.

Wenn Sie schon bald unser Team verstärken wollen, dann senden Sie uns Ihre aussagekräftigen Bewerbungsunterlagen an Frau Pohl steht Ihnen auch gern unter Tel. 069 36 50 58-7203 für einen Erstkontakt zur Verfügung.

Employees tell their stories

We strive to be a team of the best professionals in our industry.

Each day we live out this principle a little better. We are looking for committed individuals who are capable of taking on responsibility within a highly motivated team, keen to further their personal development and always able to combine performance with a zest for life.

Do you have the experience and excellence to shape key positions? Lead the way with us.

As the managing director of a leading major German bank, I have many years of experience, particularly when it comes to supporting institutional clients and heading up the Derivative Sales team. There are no limits to the ways in which I can apply this experience at Lupus alpha. The high degree of freedom and flexibility enables me to apply my own ideas to my work. It gives me the opportunity to successfully use my personality and individual strengths in an entrepreneurial way every day.


Oliver Böttger | Partner, Clients & Markets

It is a common misconception that mathematicians are only good with numbers. In reality, mathematics is about a disciplined approach to complex structures with the objective of identifying hidden patterns and solving problems. Equipped with this skillset, I have the possibility and privilege to be co-responsible at Lupus alpha for projects as diverse as quantitative modelling, strategy backtesting, quantification of risk, portfolio implementation, trading platforms and IT tools.


Dr. Maciej Kocan | Quantitative Analysis, Trading & Implementation

As responsible manager for the Product Development department, I am in charge for the strategic development of the product portfolio and portfolio manager selection. Lupus alpha gives me the opportunity to contribute with my longstanding expertise in portfolio management and structuring, as well as product development. Therefore, I am granted essential administrative discretion, which allows me to act on my own account to pursue my concepts in the manager selection in a focused manner.


Claudia Röring | Research & Development

Here, I can realise the vision of working autonomously as a portfolio manager who can largely define his own product and style and who trades independently. At Lupus alpha, I am identified by my fund. It is an environment where I can always focus on the essentials, receive optimal support from my colleagues and access resources for my continuing development.


Dr. Egbert Sauer | Partner, Portfolio Management

Have you completed your studies with excellent results? Do you know what you want out of life? Get started straight away with us.

My cooperative study programme in partnership with LBBW helped me understand what I can and want to do: fundamental equity analysis. The direct entry route at Lupus alpha makes this possible. From the very beginning, I have been able to use my strengths and the expertise gathered during my degree and practical experience to contribute to the stock selection process and develop new fund concepts.


Markus Herrmann, CFA | Small & Mid Caps

Prior to joining Lupus alpha as Portfolio Manager Alternative Solutions, I completed an internship during my studies in mathematics and then was subsequently offered a position as a student trainee. Here I was able to write my master's thesis with focus on Variance Swaps (valuation & replication). Lupus alpha offers an enormous potential for students not only to expand the theoretical knowledge of finance, but also being able to join the team after a successful completion of their studies. Furthermore, I have the opportunity to work flexibly, independently and project-oriented in a particularly positive and instructive working environment.

After completing my Master's in finance, I knew I wanted to work in asset management. Lupus alpha has everything I imagined from a good employer: demonstrable business success and a solid reputation, while its medium size also makes the company extremely appealing. In the Product Management team, at the interface between portfolio management and sales, I particularly benefit from the open atmosphere and extremely positive corporate culture.

Michael Lichter | Clients & Markets

Why did I choose to join Lupus alpha? It was a combination of the challenging work and direct collaboration with portfolio managers as well as the company itself. Lupus alpha offers an open, positive and collegiate atmosphere and supports its employees in everything they do. These two aspects gave me a unique opportunity to begin a promising career in asset management after my Master's in finance. Joining the Quantitative Analysis team directly was definitely the right decision.


Santiago Rojas | Quantitative Analysis

After three years spent specialising in financial services and asset management within the consulting division of an international accountancy firm, joining Lupus alpha's Finance & Controlling and Compliance team gave me the perfect opportunity to further my career. What's more, the flexibility of the company then enabled me to make the switch into Risk Management and successfully complete my training as a Financial Risk Manager with the support of Lupus alpha. The challenge and variety of my work is what really excites me.

Juliane Roth, FRM | Risk Management and Risk Control

If you would like to combine your outstanding academic performance with practical experience, we can offer you that chance. We would also be glad to supervise your undergraduate or Master's thesis after successfully completing an internship or as part of a student work placement. We can also support and guide you through a doctorate while working with us.



Being a student trainee at Lupus alpha was the perfect way for me to combine my work and studies. As well as flexible working hours that can always be adjusted to suit your timetable, Lupus alpha set themselves apart by including their students in a wide range of projects and quickly letting them undertake independent tasks tailored to their strengths and interests, despite their lack of practical experience. There is also a very special and unique sense of team spirit at Lupus alpha.

Phil Wiedbrauck | Student trainee, Communications & Marketing

According to Kant, theory without practice is empty and practice without theory is blind. For this reason, I was looking for a way to get a comprehensive overview of the financial world at the end of my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. At Lupus alpha, I work as a student trainee in Finance & Controlling. Here, I expect exciting tasks, such as the participation in the preparation of risk strategies as well as research-related activities on current topics, such as MIFID II. In addition, I have the opportunity to gain cross-departmental experience through the strong interlink of Finance & Controlling with Risk- and Portfolio Management. Due to the flexibility offered and the particularly positive and instructive working environment, it is very easy for me to combine the work with my studies.


Philip Wolff | Student trainee, Finance & Controlling


Verena Pohl
Human Resources + 49 69 / 36 50 58 - 7203